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    Stem Robotics Selected as one of the top global Robotics training companies to watch out for !!!

    According to the National Science Foundation, USA, “80% of future job skills demand STEM.” The acronym STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to educating students within these fields, in contexts enabling the development of a skill which is considered to be the basic concepts of advanced studies along with the modern concepts and trend of advancement in the technology. By introducing students to and helping them explore STEM learning, which is an inevitable and integral part of the current learning and educational system in more than 140 countries, we would essentially be preparing them for the 4th industrial revolution pace, and equipping them with the 21st century skill set.


    “STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.”

    STEM Robotics International is one of the leading institutes working towards that goal by implementing STEM education for the pre-degree students to avert a future scenario where we could be facing the scarcity of experts in this field.

    STEM Robotics International: An Overview
    4 years old STEM Robotics is a global leader in providing STEM Education, Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for students from age group 8 to 99 who wish to learn the latest technologies in AI and Robotics. An educational startup with an aim to encourage Robotics Education in Schools and Colleges, STEM Robotics provides highly effective Robotics Education through its integrated curriculum materials and equipment that engage and create a passion towards the STEM fields. All programs at the institute are result-oriented, research and inquiry-based, and align perfectly with international standards.

    Rajasekharan AH is a passionate robotics trainer and an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a Masters in Electronics and Communication Systems, from Anna University, India. As an International STEM expert, Rajasekharan has conducted several international workshops, who is also the Founder of STEM Robotics International  (Training Centre) and Co-Founder of Accelmove Dynamics Pvt Ltd (Robots Research and Development Company), and has developed modules that help thousands of university and school students pursue their dream careers in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He is the Key Speaker in International Robotics Summit and Online Global Virtual Summit.

    According to Rajasekharan, education should not be limited to facilitating the process of learning something new. “Learning gets completed only when the learnt information is practically implemented and seen successfully in front of your eyes.” He emphasizes on the practical aspect of learning, which is often missed out by our current education system. Based on this belief, STEM Robotics International endeavours to teach students each topic with its practical implementation and corresponding examples. From how an LED glows to how self-driving cars work, all is shown and taught to them practically through their eyes in association with Accelmove Dynamics Pvt Ltd (Robots Research and Development company)

    Training students in one of the most complex subjects, Advanced Robotics Learning, STEM Robotics has pitched in to conquer the reasons that make teaching the subject difficult:

    • Not many training providers to teach Advanced Robotics available in the market
    • Proper materials to learn Advanced Robotics like OpenCV, Robot Operating System, etc are not available in the market. Multiple blogs and multiple content searches / multiple videos are needed to learn these subjects and to find solutions
    • Kits to demonstrate, practice and learn are not available in the market. The few available are incomplete and expensive
    • An exact curriculum to learn advanced robotics is another challenge for the students

    The company has developed an internationally aligned pedagogy that covers everything from LED blink using a robotic controller to the principle of self-driving cars. The institute supplies students with all the kits/hardware implementations to understand and learn the curriculum, provides materials, online classes and corresponding videos to explore further learning, and so on.

    “Tech Users to Tech Creators”
    Kids play games, here kids make complex games that other kids play.

    Kids download and use apps, here kids upload apps in the play store.

    As per STEM Robotics International, preparing today’s children to become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow begins with STEM education programs. School curriculum, after school programs, bootcamps, and maker spaces provide opportunities to take STEM learning and pivot it into prioritizing the hands-on experience and real-world application necessary for developing an innovative mind. It’s the STEM educator’s responsibility to get the school children to master the emerging technologies in Industrial Revolution 4.0 like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics, Robotics and Automation, Blockchain, etc through the STEM integrated curriculum.

    The academy stands out for its innovative ideas to teach Coding & Robotics that are applicable to all age groups. Their methodology involves individual student feedback-based actions and building strong relationships with parents and employees. The core value of the institute is being honest in their work & being socially committed to what they deliver. STEM Robotics guarantees outcomes from every student associated with it.

    The AIE@15, Artificial Intelligence expert @15 years old club, started by Rajasekharan, is another feather in the hat of the STEM Robotics International.

    STEM Robotics: Highlights
    With an objective to make Advanced Robotics education accessible to all, and especially to integrate it into the lives of young children, STEM Robotics has created a niche for itself in the industry. Some of the recognition and awards the academy has been showered with include:

    • Received International Recognition for the SARA [STEM Advanced Robot for Academics] developed by them, got selected to represent in the International Robotics Summit 2019, Philippines
    • Associated with the Project “Kids Glove”, an initiative by the Department of Police to create technology awareness among school students
    • Associated with the Project “National Service Scheme”, an initiative by the state of Kerala to conduct various sessions on Robotics and AI
    • “Out of the Box Summer Courses 2019” listed by media – Times of India
    • Featured in The New Indian Express, Asianet TV channel, Jaihind TV channel
    • Hundreds of the students have represented in the National Level Robotics competition after getting selected from State Level competitions in various competitions
    • Associated with 75+ institutions globally and are now following their own coding and robotics curriculum
    • AIE@15 [Artificial Intelligence expert at 15 years] club students had submitted 250+ innovative and amazing projects during the lockdown

    “If India needs to evolve, it’s our responsibility to guide the school and university students to take up these challenges at an early age. To start with AI or Robotics, one needs to know the basics of coding. Ten years from now, we may not call them AI or Robotics, it could be a new version of these. If you need to adapt those new technologies, it is important to keep the students updated about the basics of these. That’s how change happens.” – Rajasekharan AH (Founder, CEO & Global Director)