STEM ROBOTICS ACADEMY is an educational start-up based gears up to encourage Robotics education in Schools and Colleges . STEM Robotics Provides highly effective Robotics Education through its integrated curriculum materials and equipment that engage and create a passion towards STEM fields ie . Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All programs are result oriented; research and inquiry based and align perfectly with International standards . STEM is a globally accepted and an inevitable concept implemented across 130 countries. The course has been designed to explore students in the field of Science , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics field from a young age, to develop inclination towards these subjects and to explore them to the real world applications eventually to develop the problem solving skills.

  • Wondering how your child can become an Artificial Intelligence expert when he/she reaches 15 years old? Here we go ! India’s #1 online tech club “AIE@15” an amazing program for school children from age group 8 to 15 . Tailor made curriculum using an unique concept “ tech users to tech creators “ to create an interest and passion towards the most demanded skill set in 21st century skills. To enroll click contact us !
  • STEM for all – Learn coding @99 INR , 5 Days hands on workshop to create an interest and awareness towards STEM , Robotics and AI subjects . This program will help parents to identify children’s interest in these fields.
  • STEM Robotics has partnered with Unifinity a global training providing company . Our STEM , Robotics , IOT and Artificial Intelligence training will be provided online for schools and universities in Asia , Europe , UAE and Africa
  • STEM Robotics has got selected to represent the digital virtual summit 2020 from India to talk about the successful online training method , we had conducted during the Covid 2019 outbreak.

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STEM Robotics Provides highly effective Robotics Education Latest Updates

Why STEM should be introduced at early age?

National Science Foundation USA says ” 80% of future
job skills demand STEM ”


3,5 million STEM jobs will be added by the end of 2025 in US, and more than 2 million jobs go unfilled due to talent shortage and hence STEM is a need of the hour .



85% Employers say that K-12 students are not prepared for the 4th industrial revolution space and are lack of 21st century skill sets .     Eventually,



Most of the Children are distracted by gadgets , mobile phones / laptops / etc, hence we make them to use it for STEM fun learning’s and Robotics coding etc.



75 % K-12 students say they are unprepared and unable to make their career decisions. An opportunity to know children’s interest before pursuing technicals


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High quality training, individual attention , project based fun learning approach

8th summer camp Kritin 2024, 137 kids , 60+ Projects submission, 2 months with Loads of learning A memorable camp for kids

The Launch of Indian Robot SARA by STEM Robotics in International Robotics Summit Philippines

Times Of India named STEM ROBOTICS INTERNATIONAL camps in the "Out-of-the-box summer camps" article.
New Indian Express named STEM ROBOTICS INTERNATIONAL camps in the "Catching them young in Kochi" article
STEM ROBOTICS INTERNATIONAL received Innovative Academics Excellence Award.

About Artificial Intelligence
expert @15 years old

*About Artificial Intelligence expert @15 years old :

It’s a long term program for school kids.

Using our unique concept called “Tech users to tech creators “ we nurture the creativity and innovation skills in them!

Through our continuous learning program in this field, kids would become an AI expert @15 years through our training process, the student’s hard work, dedication, commitment, and passion!

Contact us to hear our road map becoming an AIE@15 Rock star.

Learning Outcome’s

Makes learning fun, engaging, and inspiring from our activity based sessions.

Provides highly practical hands-on experience on assembling and coding.

Gives a head-start in preparing for higher level graduations.

Develops critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies while building robots.

Enables learner to develop and express creativity

Develops the ability to work collaboratively in teams

Helps student develop an intuitive understanding of physical concepts in science and math

Helps to excel in math and science and choose a career in science and technology

Enables learner to appreciate and realize technology

Builds confidence and self-esteem

Prepares your student for the fast-paced competitive world.

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Dont just trust us. See what other are saying about us !

Sabitha Safar Doctor

“My daughter joined STEM Robotics Academy last year. I was surprised by the amount of knowledge and skill my daughter has picked up under the guidance of a young and dedicated team of trainers from STEM Academy.

Bindu Vinu Dentist

“My two kids joined Stem Robotics, . I was surprised at the immense pleasure they take to learn the new technology. I do appreciate the efforts taken by STEM team to bring about changes in the budding talent

Shaneeba Parent

“I am very thankful to Rajasekaran sir, back bone of stem robotics who inspired shan to get knowledge in various fields from the beginning he join robotics Really I am Worried about sudden lockdown, as he will not sit idle.

    Watch In Students Say

    Dont just trust us. See what other are saying about us !

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    Stem Robotics Internationals

    Success Story amidst Covid19

    Success Story amidst Covid19

    Dear Readers, Every year it starts by sharing a small content about what we did in

    Stem Robotics Selected as one of the top global Robotics training companies to watch out for !!!

    Stem Robotics Selected as

    According to the National Science Foundation, USA, “80% of future job skills demand STEM.” The acronym

    One year since the launch of our online coding and robotics training program .

    One year since the

    One year since the launch of our online coding and robotics training program. Although we have

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