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Why do we need STEM labs or ATL in schools ?

ATL is an approach of Central government of India to create an environment of scientific temperament, innovation, creativity amongst Indian Students. It is a step towards a new India.

More than 90% of the schools in India lack platforms where young minds can give a shape to their imagination & build innovative technology based electronics projects, robots, programs in order to prepare themselves for the future where most of the jobs would be related to artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML). ATL lab would teach students essential 21st-century skills which will help them in developing their professional and personal skills. Skilled India is the need of the hour and each step taken this dream should be welcomed and we should work towards it together for a better India.

Benefits :

STEM Robotics lab with world class Kits & curriculum will be provided by us, schools can convert the existing computer lab.

Providing the latest technologies learning in school program [ Cocurricular / Inhouse lab]

Coding and Artificial Intelligence Curriculum practically aligned with CBSE / State / ICSE syllabus.

Aligned with NEP 2020 curriculum

Providing the new literacy coding is the need of the hour for better future results.

Preparing for the future job markets

Instill perseverance and building problem solving skills

All learning’s through live demos, practical applications, real time environment learning.

Spot Identification of talents, nurture them & mentoring them to participate in the national and international level competitions and guiding them to a future successful career.

How we set up the labs

1. We can upgrade the existing computer labs into robotics labs.

2. The entire robotic lab’s responsibility in accordance with the school management will be taken care by STEM ROBOTICS INTERNATIONAL.

3. We help schools by providing them the required training, tools and material to operationalize the complete set up.

4. We also provide Faculty Development programs where we train teachers and faculty members about the courses that can be conducted in the labs and support them.