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    Neural Network , NLP

    Neural Network, NLP

    Requirements : Age 12+

    Duration : 32 hours ( 4 Months )

    What is this Course ?

    Neural networks reflect the behavior of the human brain, allowing computer programs to recognize patterns and solve common problems in the fields of AI, machine learning, and deep learning.
    Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, is broadly defined as the automatic manipulation of natural language, like speech and text, by software.The study of natural language processing has been around for more than 50 years and grew out of the field of linguistics with the rise of computers.

    Why this Course ?

    1. The concept of algorithms helps approach problems with simple step by step solutions.
    2.Learning AI and ML help kids to think creatively, reason with and have a solution-oriented mindset which is important at any age. Young children have high learning capabilities which is why they are taught discipline, etiquettes and other social skills at such an age. Thus, it is sensible to also inculcate problem-solving skills which will grow and take shape with their age; also fuels ambitions and makes them self-directed.
    3.AI and machine learning will be used a lot more in the future and will be integrated into many common systems.

    Skills Acquired

    1.Learning artificial intelligence helps kids develop thinking ability and encourages creativity.
    2.Introducing the concept of artificial intelligence in kids development will teach them new strategies to overcome a problem.
    3.AI for kids helps to boost emotional intelligence.
    4.Artificial intelligence for kids increases their mental ability and skills.
    5.As mentioned earlier, the jobs in the future would be AI based. So to secure stable employment opportunities, kids will need the knowledge of artificial intelligence.
    6.In most households, kids study because of the parental pressure on them. Only a few kids study or learn something of their own choice. But by learning ai, they will become curious. The curiosity will push them towards self-learning.
    7.While learning to code, kids learn to look at the same problem in multiple ways. Then they code with the most accurate solution to the problem. So they learn to find the ideal solution to every life problem too.
    8.Coding requires patience. So making a program of artificial intelligence during kids development will teach them to keep patience under stress.
    9.Developing artificial intelligence requires teamwork. It helps kids become a team player. It also develops leadership qualities.
    10.There is a lot to learn in coding. Also, it always gets updated with time. So your kid will be engaged and interested in learning continuously.


    Text Mining Using NLTK :

    Getting Started with Python’s NLTK
    Filtering Stop Words
    Tagging Parts of Speech
    Getting text to Analyze
    Using Named Entity Recognition(NER)
    How Speech Recognition Works
    Working with Python Speech Recognition Package
    Installing Speech Recognition
    The Recognizer Class
    Working with Audio Files
    Working with Microphones

    Classification of Text :

    Text Classification
    Identifying Features From Text
    Naïve Bayes Classifiers
    Naïve Bayes Variations
    Support Vector Machines
    Learning Text Classifiers in Python
    Case Study-Sentiment Analysis

    Topic Modelling :

    Semantic Text Similarity
    Topic Modelling
    Generative Models and LDA
    Information Extraction

    Build a chatbot using NLTK in python :

    Building a Simple Chatbot using NLTK
    Library in Python
    Intro on Chatbot
    Types of Chatbots- Rule based Chatbots,
    Self-learning Chatbots
    Chatbot using Python
    Chatbot using Python and NLTK

    Neural Networks

    How a Neural Network Works
    How to Design a Neural Network
    How to Train a Neural Network
    Implement Neural Networks in a project

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