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    Arduino Robotics [ Online & Without Kit]

    Year 2: Arduino Robotics [ Online & Without Kit]

    Requirements : Age 9+

    Duration : 24 hours ( 3 Months )

    What is this Course ?

    1. Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices.
    2. The microcontrollers can be programmed using the C and C++ programming languages, using a standard API which is also known as the “Arduino language”.
    3. The Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) is a cross-platform application (for Windows, macOS, and Linux) that is written in the programming language Java.
    4. Program Arduino using Scratch based block programming

    Why this Course ?

    1. Arduino kits are ideal for kids because of it’s easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users.
    2. Breadboards lets you connect software and hardware together neatly, easily and temporarily.
    3. It lets kids experience and try things out without worrying about damaging expensive circuitry or computer parts.

    Learning Outcome

    1. Familiar with Arduino environment and its applications.
    2. Able to develop small games using scratch based programming
    3. Able to Design Smart systems applications.
    4. Learn and understand about any new IDE, compiler, and MCU chip in Arduino compatible boards or similar types

    Skills Acquired

    1. You can get familiar with hardware and learn some basic knowledge about electrical circuit.
    2. Can be integrated with GSM component, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, NFC modules and Android component. They will help you understand Network.
    3. Programming with Arduino is fantastic, as long as you manage the programming skills, you can design robots or even an automated control system for your house. Imagine that you can control things around remotely by your self-programmed web-page or app.

    Arduino Syllabus

    1 LED Light Up & LED Blink
    2 Multiple LED
    3 Fading LED
    4 RGB LED
    5 StreetLight with LED
    6 Arduino Night Lamp
    7 Making a PIANO with Arduino
    8 LED Chaser with Arduino
    9 Push Button Digital Input
    10 Multiple Push Button
    11 Servomotor
    12 Ultrasonic Sensor

    13 Ultrasonic Sensor with LED
    14 Ultrasonic Sensor with Servomotor
    15 Potentiometer with Analog Input
    16 Potentiometer with Servomotor
    17 Security Alarm
    18 Temperature Sensors
    19 Temperature Controlled Fan
    20 Arduino DC Motor
    21 Arduino Driving Control
    22 Tank Level Control System
    23 PIR Sensor
    24 Revision