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    Arduino Junior – Atom robot

    Experiential Learning : Arduino Junior - Atom robot

    Duration : 32 hours ( 4 Months )

    What is this Course ?

    • Explore our award-winning robot ” Best Learning Robot for kids ” & start your experiential learning process.
    • Kit suitable for Kids of age 8+ & experience the practical Robots with the easiness of block-based programming.
    • Providing an Arduino playbook (1175 pages manual ) on every purchase that includes How to start Arduino, Intro to Robotics, how to do Hardware setup, the ebook will be shared along with the purchase.
    • Hands and minds-on learning Kit includes 40+ experiments and 40+ challenges & assignments.
    • Kids can easily learn and implement the learnings, Do it Yourself from home.
    • PlayBook also teaches you how to develop Your Own Mobile App to control the robot and the Bluetooth Mobile App development course.
    • Explained each code block to make you understand the functions of the robot.
    • Send us the video for all the challenges and you will receive a special appreciation certification with international validity.
    • Batteries are not included in the kit. (Please buy 2 18650 Batteries before, Don’t let the fun wait.)

    Learning Outcome

    •Atom Robot from Accelmove is the best way of starting Robotics and Programming.
    •Kit is suitable for kids age 8+.
    •Plug and play components will make programming and sensor connection hassle free.


    Session 1 Hello World.
    Session 2 LED light up.
    Session 3 LED blink.
    Session 4 Multiple LED .
    Session 5 Buzzer beep.
    Session 6 Buzzer blink.
    Session 7 LED and Buzzer blink
    Session 8 LED with pushbutton : delay, printing in serial monitor
    Session 9 Buzzer with push button delay, printing in serial monitor.
    Session 10 LED and Buzzer with Switch delay, printing in serial monitor
    Session 11 LED fade.
    Session 12 Buzzer fade.
    Session 13 LED and Buzzer fade.
    Session 14 Analog read.
    Session 15 Automatic Street light.
    Session 16 LDR with Buzzer.
    Session 17 LDR with Buzzer and LED.
    Session 18 Simple Servo motor
    Session 19 Servo Motor Sweep.
    Session 20 Ultrasonic Sensor.
    Session 21 Ultrasonic Sensor with LED.
    Session 22 Ultrasonic Sensor with Buzzer.
    Session 23 Ultrasonic Sensor with LED and Buzzer.
    Session 24 Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor and Servo motor.
    Session 25 Bluetooth Module.
    Session 26 Bluetooth with Servo.
    Session 27 Motor Driver
    Session 28 PIR sensor
    Session 29 PIR sensor with LED.
    Session 30 PIR with Buzzer
    Session 31 PIR with LED and Buzzer
    Session 32 PIR with servo
    Session 33 PIR Robot
    Session 34 Obstacle Avoidance Robot
    Session 35 Bluetooth Controlled Robot
    Session 36 MIT App Inventor
    Session 37 Line Following Robot
    Session 38 Multiple LDR Robot
    Session 39 Hand following robot
    Session 40 Hand following robot with buzzer

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