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Excellent opportunity for Trivandrum kids to showcase their skills in Coding , Robotics , IoT & Artificial Intelligence platforms in the upcoming mega event Neyyar Mela Techxpo 2023.  Neyyar Mela Techxpo 2023 is a coding, AI, and robotics competition for school students Organized by KSVVS – Kerala Samsthana Vyapari Vyavasayi Samithi Headed by Shri K Ansalan MLA Neyyattinkara and team. KSVVS along with STEM Robotics International will be conducting this mega event on July 28th and 30th . More details below.

Category 1: Spot problem solving in 3 different below age groups.

A Task will be given on the spot for the student to solve a problem.

Girl & boy kids chat online solving geometry problem. Children send messages via mobile phone app discussing school homework together. Communication, education & study concept flat style vector isolated illustration


  1. A minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 3 members should be registered as a team only.
  2. Hardware will be provided by us.
  3. Laptops are allowed to bring to code the robot/ but should be taken care of by the participants
  4.  The robot should be fully autonomous and must not receive any external signals or instructions during the competition.
  5.  No form of remote control or wireless communications to control robots is allowed
  6. Scorings will be based on the accuracy, completion of tasks, time taken to complete the tasks, and answering the Viva questions based on the task completion.
  7. Any unethical behavior/rules violation will be disqualified from the competition.
  8. One round of practice sessions will be given prior to the competition [ for robotics only].
  9. Time allocation will be done on a day prior to the competition.
  10. 3 prizes will be announced in each age category.
  11. A 100 Rs Registration Fee per team is applicable for registration.

Category 2 : Future innovators category : [ Robotics / Artificial Intelligence IoT innovative projects ] for 3 different age groups .

Rules :

  1. Future Innovators category your task is to develop a robot / AI /IoT solution that helps solve real-world problems. You will present your project and your solution to the public and to the judges on the competition day. After research into your field, your team develops an innovative and functioning robotic solution. The Future Innovators category is completely open source. The robot solution may be controlled with any type and number of controllers (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LEGO, etc.). To build and program your solution you can use any materials and programming languages you want. On the competition day, you start with executing the robot solution. You will have to present the innovations in front of the judges. During the event, you will also explain and demonstrate your solution to the public. 3 prizes will be announced in each age category. 1 to 3 mins project video and any project report documents associated should be sent to before 26th July 23./                    A 100 Rs Registration Fee per team is applicable for registration.

Category 2 Scoring’s:

  1. A Video with a project report needs to be submitted in a PPT or PDF or a Word file to be sent in an email to the organizing team. Project demo to be done to the judges on the day of the competition.
  2. The report should have end-to-end solutions explaining – How did you get the project idea? Have you thought about people that would use the idea or potential customers? What is special about your idea? The research works behind the innovation, Hardware’s used, explaining all the connections. A potential business model pitch. Should explain the technical aspects and other implementations to convert an idea to a product. Coding efficiency, Challenges faced, and problems solved in both hardware, software, and design Teamwork, future enhancements, Team spirit, the contribution from each member, explaining a video can be shared in a google drive link.

Ethics code:

  • Teams are encouraged to learn and master new skills while having fun together as a team
  • Coaches, mentors, and parents are there to guide the teams, not to do the work for them.
  •  Participating and learning are more

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